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'Eugene Onegin' Highlights: Concert Staging Balances Sentiment with Satire

"Providing the music was the Eurasia Festival Ensemble, conducted by Aza Sydykov...The performances of the last few nights have made for a truly powerful showcase of artistry, in what was the Eurasia Festival’s second year. It will be exciting to see how future iterations of the festival will bridge the cultural and geographic divide to share their talents with Western audiences." Logan Martell, Operawire Read more

Opening Night Gala & Eurasian Soiree: Festival Launches with Fascinating Lineup

"The Eurasia Festival began its second year with an Opening Night Gala at the Kaufman Music Center. What ensued was a highly compelling tour through some of the musical and cultural heirlooms of the Eurasian region.
Introducing the festival and the artists to come was Eurasia Festival president Aza Sydykov.
“We have had an amazing amount of events since 2016, when we were incorporated,” began Sydykov. “Our concerts originally featured artists from Kyrgyzstan and eventually artists from other countries began reaching out wanting to perform. As a result of this cultural overlap we became the ‘Eurasia’ Festival. Many of our artists come from countries which were formerly Soviet countries, and we’ve expanded to China, South Korea, Georgia, and more; we are lucky to have an incredible lineup. We would also like to thank George Soros for his support through the Open Society Foundation as well as the Soros Foundation of Kyrgyzstan. Talking about this festival, it’s not just a music festival; it’s also to help understand the background of Eurasian countries. These countries, even today, have very difficult situations.
“Eurasia is home to more than just cultures and ethnicities, it’s also unfortunately home to international conflicts and brutal dictators. However, music and art always win. Our artists come from these countries to tell the world that nothing will stop the expression of art.” Logan Martell, Operawire Read more

Communique: Wilmington Music Festival | November 9, 10, 16

"Listen to our conversation with pianists Barry Salwen and Aza Sydykov (also the Festival Artistic Director)." Gina Gambony, WHQR Read more

Azamat Sydykov Plays "Movie Tunes" to Open this Year's Clayton Piano Festival

"Azamat Sydykov paid tribute to Sergei Rachmaninoff with his precision and technical brilliance in the performance of Prelude No. 2 in C-sharp Minor, Op. 3, and Prelude No. 5 in G Minor, Op. 23. He allowed both works to speak for themselves, without trying to overdramatize the already emotionally saturated chords."  Andrea McKerlie Luke, Classical Voice North Carolina Read more
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A LOV-ely Valentine's Celebration in Clayton

"Azamat Sydykov’s Russian influence was witnessed in the power and clarity of execution in his performance." Triangle Arts and Entertainment Magazine Read more

Polyphony rules the world

“Kyrgyzstan may be better known for its welcoming people and spectacular nomadic mountain scenery if it is known at all, however there is no shortage of talent emerging from this small Central Asian country. Open Central Asia speaks to a young and upcoming talented musician from the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, to follow the story of Azamat Sydykov.” The OCA Magazine Read more
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Azamat Sydykov - First Kyrgyz at Carnegie Hall

Kanykei Manasova, 24 Kg New Agency Read more

Ochen Harasho

"After three satisfying evenings at the Eurasia Festival, we are feeling very involved and reluctant to see the festival end. Last night's Eugene (Evgeny) Onegin was the capstone of the festival and left us in a state of bliss. Most operas are entertaining; occasionally one captures our intellectual curiosity...Maestro Sydykov is not only a conductor but a concert pianist and vocal coach as well as President of the Kyrgyz American Foundation which sponsors the Festival. The mission of this foundation is to promote the multicultural heritage of Eurasia in the USA." Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche Read more

Eurasia Festival Russian Opera Gala

"His brilliance at the keyboard dazzled our ears." Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche Read more

Eurasia - New spot on the New York festival map

"Aza Sydykov - first Kyrgyz musician applauded at Carnegie Hall - the founder of the festival, his ambitions are not limited to his personal achievements." Elena Mesheryakova, Voice of America Read more

Kyrgyzstan's Diaspora: An evening of Music and Conversation

"Azamat Sydykov, the president of the Kyrgyz-American Foundation in New York City, believes the path to building a strong Kyrgyz community is through cultural exchange. He plans to coordinate events for Kyrgyz Americans to promote their native culture in the U.S., rather than isolate themselves...“What happened tonight was people heard that there are people who call themselves Kyrgyz Americans,” Sydykov told Eurasianet after the forum. “I think it’s a new term that we are going to cement…the fact that we recognize that we exist and that we heard about the challenges and problems [of Kyrgyz Americans]. It means that we are ready to…find solutions.” Maria Mammina, Sarah Bellingham, Eurasianet Read more

Music festival offers classics and more

“Wilmington already has such a rich arts scene,” said pianist Aza Sydykov, the festival’s artistic director. “We want to put this town on the musical map.” Ben Steelman, Star News Read more

How a pianist from Kyrgyzstan got to Carnegie Hall

Catherine Permitina, Forum Daily Read more

Azamat Sydykov - Music that's my policy

Kanykei Manasova, 24 Kg News Agency Read more
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