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Global Recession:Why are tech stocks falling, while Bitcoin is rising?

Tech stocks are falling hard while crypto fundamentals are strengthening and value is rising. Why is this happening?

In my opinion, this is because large institutions and retail investors are starting to recognize Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto-assets as digital precious metals, stateless currencies, a hedge against inflation, and a store of value.

They also see the exponential growth potential of the underlying blockchain technology, on top of which, millions of decentralized applications can be created, which could undermine the dominance of major tech empires and their closed systems.

Geopolitical uncertainty, sanctions/currency wars between empires that devalue sovereign currencies, hyperinflation, and the threat of defaults in developing countries that could lead to unpredictable consequences in the traditional monetary system, will put bitcoin/crypto in the spotlight as a lifeline for the global economy.

The era of Satoshi Nakamoto is just beginning and the crypto future is imminent.


This is not financial advice. I don't hold a DMA degree to tell people how to get rich fast lol

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