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Bitcoin Revolution: Why Should Creators Learn About Crypto?

Bitcoin and crypto assets are going through the most unprecedented times in their history - the war in Eastern Europe, which carries a threat of nuclear apocalypse, change of the global order and sanction-currency warfare between superpowers, hyperinflation, as well as looming food and humanitarian crisis.

So far, Bitcoin is holding up fantastically and its fundamentals are stronger than ever, making the S&P 500 look like a risky place next to it. Its decentralized, immutable, censorship-resistant, fast, secure features are demonstrating its utility in war-torn Ukraine, serving as a lifeline for millions of Ukrainians and as a fundraising tool for the Ukrainian army.

While helping the Ukrainians, Bitcoin is also helping millions of ordinary Russian citizens, whose views differ from the official state position. For your information, the value of the ruble lost over 65% within a few weeks since beginning of the illegal invasion. Thanks to Bitcoin, many people saved their hardly-earned savings, and who knows, maybe those assets would help future young artists in Russia?

The music and art community should learn about crypto and the incredible opportunities this innovation provides for the creators, democratizing the music and production industries, which have been traditionally controlled by centralized entities on unfair conditions.

Bitcoin to the moon!


I know there are many people, who are concerned about the energy consumption of Bitcoin. But if you look at the picture below, you will understand that the banks and the gold mining industries consume way more energy than the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto. Peace!

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