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Juilliard Executives Enjoy Exorbitant Salaries while Staff Pianists Work For Peanuts.

According to a public post on Facebook made by one of the Juilliard staff pianist, (whose name will not be disclosed), the Conservatory pays its collaborative pianists $21 dollars per hour and $12.50 for playing on juries.

The pianist stated that the school admins ask their slave-pianists to keep their rates hush-hush.

Meanwhile, the salaries of school administrators skyrocketed during the pandemic. Below is the information about the salaries of the top executives:

The Juilliard School is among the most expensive music institutions in the world. Below is the information about tuition and fees:

My message to the Juilliard executives: Go Bach Yourself for $21!

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Jacques Lannoy
Jacques Lannoy
Mar 21, 2022

This should be out in the open, it's a disgrace, to say the least. Pianists should revolt there.

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